stenabolic side effects

The Side effects of Stenabolic Explained

An intro to Stenabolic side effects

Stenabolic drug is sometimes called bottled exercise and sometimes seen as a drug with limited to no effects. Depending on what you need, it can give you endurance, reduce your body fat and so on. It can maximize your results with exercising and training. While stenabolic side effects have not been seen in the past, it’s recommended that you use it correctly to avoid anything bad happening. However, it’s not been approved by the FDA even though there are no stenabolic side effects.

Stenabolic History

Stenabolic drug was developed in the Scripps Research Facility drug and they called it SR9009. Stenabolic affects a protein which is found in the liver, the brain, adipose tissue, and skeletal muscle. It also has a lot of connections to your circadian rhythm or biological clock. It can increase endurance and improve fat loss.

Stenabolic Benefits

Knowing all of that, here are some benefits of stenabolic:

  • Improving endurance
  • Increasing the strength of your muscles
  • Burning the fat levels in your body
  • Increasing your glucose levels
  • Helping your muscles recover after an exercise

So, you probably like the fact that there is a drug like this one – many benefits but no side effects. If you are in great shape, it can help you achieve even better effects. You can also use it before cardio because it doesn’t make heart rate super high.

Stenabolic can also help you lose weight and cut your body fat. Other fat burners may only cause strain to your body and make your general health terrible while stenabolic will help you lose fat and weight while working safely because it’s not harsh on your body. You can burn fat even when resting. But of course, fat loss increases when you work out more so you should keep that in mind as well. The more you work out, the more stenabolic will work.

Stenabolic is also excellent at helping people who suffer from obesity improve cholesterol levels and get rid of extra glucose levels in muscles.

Your body will burn fat more quickly and it will work either during or after an exercise.

Side effects

Even though stenabolic side effects haven’t been proven yet, the FDA hasn’t approved the stenabolic drug either. Stenabolic is a non-hormonal and non-estrogenic as well as non-androgenic which means that it’s pretty safe to use, as long as you follow the best dosage.

You will probably not experience any stenabolic side effects either, as there haven’t been any side effects yet.

Stenabolic also won’t do your liver any damage either. Still, some of the previous users are recommending that you use liver supplements while you are using stenabolic.

You will be happy to know that sr9009 also does no damage to your liver. However, some users recommend using liver supplements while you are on it.

However, if you do notice anything unusual or if you notice that something bad is happening to your health, if you feel any discomfort, stop using it and consult your healthcare specialist.


There has been no strict dosage created so far but several bodybuilding forums had some remarks. The best dosage is 20-30mg per day but some users have stated that the best usage can also be anywhere between 10 to 40mg per day. The dosage will also depend on how you respond to stenabolic and what you want to achieve.

You should cycle stenabolic for 8 weeks and then avoid using it for 8 weeks to avoid becoming tolerant to it. But, keep in mind that you can also use it for 12 weeks and then not use it for 12 weeks as well. But, you shouldn’t use it for more than 12 weeks. Take those weeks off – it’s very important.

You should also space your dosage. For instance, spread it so that you take it every four hours because it has a very short half-life, somewhere around 4 hours as well. 

People who are too bothered to take it so frequently can also take it one or two hours before a physical activity which can include weight training, cardio, and even sex. This way often makes more sense to users than spacing it out. It will offer you an increase in activity for an hour or two after taking it but will leave your system soon after.

Since there are no stenabolic side effects, it can fit in with all of your other steroids.


The substance has had very good to mixed reviews from its users, even though there are no stenabolic side effects. Some have reported improved endurance while some stated that it’s not that good. The suggested repeated dosage was reported as too bothersome for most.


Stenabolic is an excellent substance to try for when you want to improve your endurance and burn more fat. An added benefit is that there are no stenabolic side effects and that it can also boost your endurance in the bedroom.

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