Stenabolic (SR9009) Review- Pro’s & Con’s

What is Stenabolic

Stenabolic (SR9009) is popularly referred to as the “exercise in the bottle” or “cardio in a pill.” All of these names may sound a bit too much over the top until you actually give it a shot. Trials have shown that taking this compound may have an impact as big as spending one-hour lifting weight in the gym or working out in a treadmill. Yes, for an hour!

We are used to manufacturers and vendors saying everything just so they can sell us a product most of which usually disappoint our expectations. If you think that it’s the same case when dealing with Stenabolic, then you are very wrong. SR9009 is everything that it’s painted out to be. This compound has impressive fat burning and stamina-boosting capabilities that you can hardly find in any other compound in the market. Therefore, including SR9009 in your workout will make your experience a lot easier bringing you even closer to your fitness dreams with every passing day.

In this review, we will explain to you why Stenabolic might just be the perfect performance-enhancing drug that you’ve been looking for all this time. But before we go any further, let’s just clear up something; Stenabolic is not a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. I understand that this compound is commonly categorized as a SARM and sold alongside other SARMs, but its structure and the working mechanism is nowhere near that of SARMs. Stenabolic is actually a Rev-Erb agonist. So, Stenabolic will deliver partially the same bodybuilding benefits that are associated with SARMs in the same safe manner, but it is a different kind of drug.


Stenabolic was developed by Prof. Thomas Burris of Scripps Research Institute. Some of the initial findings on this compound were published in Nature Medicine in 2012. While the scientists set out to create a compound that could be used in studying the circadian rhythm, they ended up creating an excellent substance that will later on become central to every bodybuilder’s workout regimen.

The research showed that Stenabolic worked as a Rev-Erb agonist, which simply means that it promotes the activities of a protein known as Rev-Erb that is found in the skeletal muscle, liver, brain and adipose tissue. When rats were given this substance, the scientists noticed changes in their circadian rhythm or biological clock and this was directly linked to the supplementation of this drug. The change in the circadian rhythm set off a chain of reactions in the associated tissues where it boosted energy expenditure, enhanced focus and alertness and faster fat loss among many other benefits that we will discuss in a bit.

According to these trials, SR9009 interacts with the Rev-Erb protein to increase the endurance of rats. The show that it helped the rats had garnered a whopping 50% boost in their running capacity; both in terms of distance and time! The rats had actually gained some muscles not just like a regular bodybuilder but like a seasoned one! With such capabilities, not even a ban could stop athletes from using Stenabolic.

Benefits of Stenabolic

What is Rev-Erb and how does Stenabolic’s interaction with the protein benefit us? The answer is quite simple really. Rev-Erb is the protein that controls lipids and glucose levels in our liver. Animal studies show that it does so by influencing around 90% of the 900 genes that control circadian rhythm in the liver. Rev-erb is also found in fat cells where it regulates the genes that store fat and regulates the secretion of triglyceride. It’s also this very same protein that appears to affect the mitochondria activities.

Now, by enhancing the activities of Rev-Erb, Stenabolic essentially helps to:

  • Boost endurance

When you are doing some cardio workouts, you are basically trying to increase your heart’s ability to deal with strenuous activities. This is why athletes good in cardio usually have an easier time doing strenuous exercises for an extended period compared to the regular guys.

Stenabolic helps to give you the advantage of a seasoned athlete in a much shorter time with less effort. This is precisely what happened to the rats that were given Stenabolic for 30 days. Professor Thomas Burris explained that the rats demonstrated up to 50% more endurance than the placebo. These rats actually ran for longer distances and for an extended time. They also remained active for long periods like they’ve been working out before yet they never had.

Okay, so does this mean that Stenabolic achieves the same effects as stimulants? No, it doesn’t. SR9009 is a lot better than the typical stimulants regular weightlifters use to boost endurance. A stimulant will extend your normal endurance levels, obviously, but then you will hit 90% of your maximum heart rate a lot sooner. To most of us, this is just not good enough especially when you take into account some of the issues that may arise from the use of stimulants. With Stenabolic, you can work out harder and for longer periods before you even reach 75% of your max heart rate.

  • Aids with fat loss

Stenabolic reduced the body fat in obese rats drastically without a significant change in their diet. In fact, some trials actually show that Stenabolic may help with a fat loss even when workouts or exercises are not involved. But of course, for better and faster results you’ll need to incorporate a proper workout plan and a supporting diet.

Stenabolic aids fat loss in two key ways: First, the fact that SR9009 increases strength, glucose uptake, and mitochondria mean that your body will burn more fat a lot faster than it usually does. Secondly, Stenabolic boosts metabolic rate which promotes faster breakdown of fats.

Genetically obese rats also stopped gaining weight after just 12 days of being injected with SR9009. Neither insulin tolerance nor glucose levels were affected here.

According to a report published in PubMed, “treatment of diet-induced obese mice with a Rev-Erb agonist decreased obesity by reducing fat mass and markedly improving dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia.” Based on this and various other studies, it makes sense that a Rev-Erb agonist such as Stenabolic can be so effective in weight loss.

  • Reduces blood cholesterol

Numerous animal trials have shown that Stenabolic can reduce the levels of both triglycerides and total cholesterol in the body. One study was even done on genetically modified rats that were engineered to resemble the fat profile of humans. At the end of the study period (8 weeks), the scientists reported a decrease in the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol. The most exciting part of this study is the fact that the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) were not affected.

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Trials suggest that Stenabolic can be used in treating hypertrophy. In one study involving rats with surgically-induced hypertrophy, Stenabolic was used for two weeks after which the scientists reported a decrease in the size of the heart and weight. Blood pressure levels were left untouched!

Another research used rats that were susceptible to hardened arteries. SR9009 was administered in these rats for a period of 7 weeks. The findings showed a decrease in blood vessel lesions. This is very impressive mainly because no changes were made to their food intake and body weight.

If that’s not enough, another group of scientists went ahead to investigate the effects of SR9009 on overall heart functions. They administered Stenabolic to both normal and genetically-modified old rats for 28 days. At the end of the study period, a massive boost in cardiovascular functions was reported.

  • Reduces inflammation

It’s believed that circadian rhythm also plays a role in immune responses involving in inflammation. When SR9009 was used in rats with lung inflammation, it reduced the condition by suppressing the production of TNF-alpha. Stenabolic also reduced the secretion of the inflammatory molecules CCL2 and MMP-9 found in the nerve cells of rats.

  • Promotes wakefulness

Scientists reported fascinating findings when they administered Stenabolic to mice while monitoring their sleeping patterns. When these mice were injected with SR9009 when they are supposed to be asleep, they became really active, but they had less deep sleep. Stenabolic administration when the mice are supposed to be active showed no notable changes.

What conclusions can we draw from this? Stenabolic can be used to maintain wakefulness when one is in need of sleep, but they are not supposed to. A practical application here is using Stenabolic during night shifts, to treat sleep-related disorders and to deal with jet lag.

  • Decreases fibrosis (tissue damage)

Mice induced with liver scarring were injected with Stenabolic for two weeks. The scientists reported that SR9009 reduced tissue damage significantly hinting to the potential of it being used as an effective treatment for fibrosis.

  • Reduces anxiety

Some reports are claiming that Stenabolic is as effective as benzodiazepine in dealing with anxiety. This is based on an animal study where rats were injected with Stenabolic twice per day for 3-10 days. The researchers reported a decrease in anxiety-related behaviors.

Side Effects of Stenabolic

A performance-enhancing drug cannot deliver so many benefits without there being a side effect; or can it?! The shocking truth is that there have been no reported side effects on all the mice involved in the different studies that we’ve highlighted. We are so used to all potent compounds having a negative impact attached that we also had a hard time believing this, but it is actually true. Stenabolic is a non-androgenic, non-estrogenic and non-hormonal substance and hence you should not experience any complications using it. Well, not unless you make the terrible rookie mistake of consuming more than you are supposed to.

We are keeping our excitement contained though due to the fact that most of the studies available at the moment were done on animals. Without actual human trials, it is rather difficult to fully predict what the substance may do to men in the long term.

If anecdotal evidence is anything to go by then, insomnia may be the only issue that you have to deal with. As you can remember, we pointed out that SR9009 can boost your wakefulness which to some people is a fantastic thing, but it may come as a drawback to others.

We know of people who are taking vitamins and juicing diets as a precaution despite there not being any reports on organ damage caused by Stenabolic. That’s not a bad idea.

Since a lot of people are using Stenabolic safely with no issues, it’s safe to assume anyone who experiences any sort of adverse reactions for an extended period should avoid the substance because it might just be a case of the body rejecting it. There’s nothing you can do at that point.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should also avoid Stenabolic. The lack of trials showing whether SR9009 is safe or not for this group of people is reason enough to avoid it.

Stenabolic Cycle

It is crucial to cycle Stenabolic even though it does not negatively affect hormone levels or organ functions. The ideal Stenabolic cycle should run for between 8 to 12 weeks. Most users find 8 weeks sufficient to yield the desired effects. Some experienced bodybuilders stretch the cycle to 12 weeks which will also deliver the needed results, but the risk of side effects may also increase a bit.

After an 8-week cycle, you should take a break of 8 weeks. The break is vital in helping your body to restore normal organ functions. This break also helps in preventing your body from creating tolerance to the substance. As you may know, taking a compound for too long may cause your body to develop tolerance to it, and this may affect the desired outcomes. For instance, if you are used to taking just 20mg of a particular substance but you prolong the cycle, and your body builds tolerance to it, it’ll come a time when you’ll no longer be able to enjoy the same benefits if you take the 20mg. In such cases, you’ll be forced to increase the dose to levels that can become dangerous. Taking a break from Stenabolic protects you from going through such an experience.

Since Stenabolic does not affect hormone levels, PCT is usually not necessary. You won’t need to take any of those Clomid or Nolvadex medications that users of other SARMs take during PCT. Staying free from SR9009 is all the break you need. However, if you were stacking Stenabolic with other selective androgen receptor modulators, then you’ll have to go through PCT.

Stenabolic Dosages

Due to the lack of sufficient human trials, there aren’t any dosages published for human consumption. Most people rely on anecdotal data to determine which dosages are most effective. Based on this data, Stenabolic should be taken in doses of 10 to 40mg per day.

As is the case with other performance-enhancing drugs, the dosages one should take depend on their tolerance. This means that you need to go in search of the perfect dosage that will work for you. Therefore, you need to start with the lowest dose possible and work yourself up gradually while monitoring your response to the drug. In this instance, new users should start with just 10 mg/day and stick to that for a week or so before making a 10mg increment. Most people find 30 mg/day to be the best dose and since Stenabolic is non-hormonal and non-androgenic, women too can use the substance at doses just as high.

Stenabolic has a short half-life of approximately 4 hours. You must split the daily dose to three or even four parts.

SR9009 also has a fast half-life. This means that its effects will start to manifest soon after ingestion. It’s, therefore, a wise idea to take it an hour or two before you step into the gym.

Is it Legal?

In the United States, Stenabolic can be bought online as a research chemical. Technically, Stenabolic should not be purchased for human consumption. However, the lack of exclusivity regarding where the substance lies legally allows bodybuilders to buy and use it without breaking the law. You won’t be violating any federal laws when you have this substance in your possession and claim that you are using it for research purposes.

Bodybuilding Uses of Stenabolic

  1. Cutting

Stenabolic should be at the top of your options if you are in the market looking for the perfect substance for your cutting phase. SR9009 doesn’t just break fat for the sake of it, but it does so in one of the most efficient ways known to man. Needless to say that all your cutting needs will be met without affecting your lean muscle mass.

Stenabolic can be stacked with different substance in a cutting phase. You can use it alongside other SARMs such as Ligandrol, and Cardarine. In this stack, you should use 5-20 mg/day of Stenabolic, 20 mg/day of Cardarine and 10 mg/day of Ligandrol. You can also use 25 mg/day of Ostarine (MK2866) in place of Cardarine.

Stenabolic can also be stacked with anabolic steroids. Here, you can use 5-20 mg/day of SR9009, 400 mg/week of Primobolan and low doses of testosterone.

  • Boosting Endurance

If you are feeling like you are not spending as much time in the gym as you’d want to then what you need is a boost in your endurance. This will help you to lift weights for longer periods, and since SR9009 also boosts strength levels, you’ll be in a position to lift even heavier weights with every passing week. By raising endurance and strength levels, SR9009 expedite your fitness journey.

In boosting endurance, you can use Stenabolic with 10 mg/day of Ligandrol (LGD-4033). Some people also claim that Cardarine can be stacked with Stenabolic for this purpose, but that stack may not have a significant impact since both compounds are targeting almost the same receptors.

  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Stenabolic can also be used during PCT. It helps to keep you fueled while also preventing the buildup of adipose. You can use just 5-20 mg/day of SR9009 for this purpose.


Stenabolic is not your typical SARM. The compound delivers excellent fat burning results, endurance, and many other benefits as highlighted above. If you were looking for a useful fat burning substance with additional benefits, then the SR9009 is exactly what you’re after.


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